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The Summertimes Remix

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Summer Programs Office has decided to cancel most of the originally scheduled camps. We are excited to announce Summertimes Remix: a limited slate of in-person camps and summer study classes beginning the week of July 13th! These summer programs are in addition to the Summer Studies classes offered on our Distance Learning platform during the month of June. Please explore all of our Summertimes Remix programs

Our Summertimes Remix camps and classes, a combination of new and existing offerings, have been modified in order to adhere to COVID-19-related practices and protocols issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the American Camp Association (ACA), and the Department of Social Services (DSS) for the Commonwealth of Virginia. These new protocols include camper cohort sizes, physical distancing, maximization of outdoor time, and strict screening and cleaning procedures. Camp will look different this year, but campers and students will still have plenty of opportunities for fun and enrichment! With that said, even with the implementation of these screening procedures and protocols, it is impossible to eliminate all risk related to COVID-19. We have confidence in our policies, which are supported by CDC and DSS guidance, but we cannot promise that risk of infection will be eliminated. Please reach out to the Summer Programs Office if you have any questions.

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  • Know Before You Go - What to Expect and What to Bring

    Changes to Camp Structure. As the health and safety of our campers and staff is our top priority, we have made some necessary changes to the daily camp structure. Campers in larger camp programs will be subdivided into groups, or cohorts. Camps with children under the age of 4 will be divided into cohorts of a maximum of 10 campers and 2 staff members; camps with children over the age of 4 will be divided into cohorts of 8 to 16 (max) campers and 2 to 4 staff members. Cohorts will not mix over the course of the week. 

    New Disclaimer and Acknowledgment Form. In order to register, or maintain registrations for Summertimes Remix camps and classes, guardians will be required to sign an updated Disclaimer and Acknowledgment Form on their registration portal. By signing this form, guardians acknowledge the inherent risk in attending in-person summer programs, regardless of any risk mitigation on the part of Summertimes.

    Updates to Our Refund Policy. If you registered for a camp or class prior to June 8 but no longer want your child to attend, you may cancel your registration and receive a full refund if you make your request prior to June 15. After June 15, all registration fees are non-refundable. For full details related to registration and our refund policy, please go to our Registration tab.

    Field Trips and Pool Time. Following the guidance of the CDC and the DSS, we have eliminated all field trips for camps and classes, including trips to the pool. We will, however, have water playtime so that campers can cool off!

    Extended Day. In order to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines, we are unable to offer Extended Care or shuttle service between the campuses. 

    Lunch Service. To order lunch for your camper’s or student's full-day session, please click here.  

    Click on the MENUS tab and select CUSTOMER LOGIN
    Enter code: SS1

    What to Bring. Each camper and student should bring a snack, lunch (if enrolled in a full-day program), water bottle, sunscreen, and a face mask. Each program’s welcome letter, which is emailed the week prior to the session, will list any other items a camper or student might need for that specific camp or class (ex: a lacrosse stick for Girls Lacrosse camp).
  • Drop-Off and Screening Procedures

    We will be requiring all guardians driving onto the Lower School or Upper School campuses to proceed to the carpool lane for drop-off, and a screener will come to your car. If you have campers at the Lower School campus in two different buildings, please drop your campers off at the building for your youngest camper. If you will be walking to camp, campers must be escorted by a guardian who will wait with the camper while they are screened. Summer Studies students who are old enough to drive themselves or walk home by themselves may arrive unaccompanied.

    During screening, the student's temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer. If the student’s temperature is below 100 degrees, the student will then be asked screening questions related to COVID-19 symptoms. If the student’s temperature is above 100 degrees, the student will not be permitted to attend camp or class that day. Recognizing that students' temperatures might be elevated on hot days or after any activity, temperatures may be taken more than once if a “cool down” period is deemed necessary.
    Once the screening has been completed, the guardian may depart. Campers will then be escorted to their “home base” building or field, use hand sanitizer prior to entry, and wash their hands after entry (if inside). Summer Studies students will be directed to use hand sanitizer prior to building entry and to wash their hands prior to entering their classroom.

    All screeners will wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) during the screening process. Staff and students and campers in rising grade 2 and older will be asked to wear masks indoors, but we will not require masks outside unless physical distancing is not possilbe. For campers in rising grade 1 and younger, we will encourage face masks indoors where physical distancing is not possible. However, if staff find that the camper cannot properly wear a face mask (i.e., the camper constantly is moving the face mask or touching their face), the staff member may ask the camper to remove the face mask.
  • Physical Distancing, Masks, and Cleaning Protocols

    Physical Distancing. Summertimes will do its best to ensure proper physical distancing between campers and students. With that said, we cannot promise campers will be 6 feet apart at all times. Cohorts, however, will not mix. Campers will be given regular reminders to maintain physical distance from other campers, and counselors will give a safety briefing at the start of each camp day to reinforce physical distancing. Students in Summer Studies classes will be seated at desks or stationed at easels/tables spaced 6 feet apart.

    Mask Policy. All staff and campers and students in rising grades 2 and older will be required (absent a medical excuse) to wear a face mask indoors. Campers and students will be given regular face mask "breaks." Face masks will not be required outdoors unless physical distancing is not possible. For campers and students in rising Pre-K through 1st grade, masks will be encouraged indoors where physical distancing is not possible. However, if a child cannot wear the mask correctly or is constantly touching it, that camper will be asked to remove the face mask.

    Cleaning and Disinfecting. All camp and building facilities will be cleaned with disinfectant on a nightly basis, and high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, and desks, will be cleaned with an EPA-approved cleaning solution by camp staff throughout the day.

    Although shared materials will be limited, to the extent a camp or class uses shared materials, students will be asked to wash their hands prior to using the materials, after using the materials, and the materials will be cleaned between group use. Each camp cohort and class will have their own assigned indoor and outdoor spaces for any given day, thereby limiting the number of shared spaces.

    Campers and students will use hand sanitizer upon entry of any building, throughout the day, and before pick-up, and frequent handwashing will be enforced.
  • Illness Protocols

    Summertimes will require any campers and students to stay home when any symptoms of illness are present. Should a camper or student become ill while at Summertimes, they will be sent to the on-site nurse on the Lower School campus or the Upper School campus. If our nurse deems the illness to be non-COVID-19 related, the camper or student will remain in the nurse’s office until they can be picked up by a guardian or sent home.

    If the nurse determines that a camper or student is displaying symptoms related to COVID-19, the camper or student will be placed in an isolation area near the nurse’s office. Summertimes will notify the City of Alexandria Health Department and follow any guidance related to cleaning and disinfecting facilities. Should a camper or student be diagnosed with COVID-19, Summertimes will inform those who have had close contact with the camper/student to stay home and self-monitor for symptoms and to follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop. 

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