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Here you will find the answers to many of your questions regarding our summer camps and studies. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact Summertimes at

Camper Absences

Please notify Summertimes by phone (703-212-2777) or email (  if your camper is going to be absent. Summertimes does not prorate or refund for partial attendance.

Camper Cell Phone Policy

We ask that cell phones not be used by campers while at Summertimes. If a camper must bring their cell phone to camp, the camper must leave the phone in their backpack. If a camper needs to reach their parent or guardian, the camper may ask their camp director for permission to use their phone in the camp office.

Camp directors may permit campers to use cell phones or other electronic devices while in transit for a field trip, but in this case, cell phone use is at the complete discretion of the camp’s director.

Camper Conduct and Behavior

Summertimes expects appropriate and safe conduct from all campers, whether on or off our campuses. Summertimes campers are accountable for their conduct to all staff members, at all times. If a camper’s behavior is deemed inappropriate or unsafe, the program Director will contact the camper’s guardians. Summertimes reserves the right to require camper withdrawal for behavioral and/or disciplinary problems we determine to be persistently disruptive or unsafe. In the event of a required withdrawal, refunds will not be issued for termination related to behavior and conduct.

Camper Photos

Throughout the summer, Summertimes staff will take photographs of campers for viewing via our app (coming soon). Camper families will have the opportunity to download our Summertimes app to view these photos. Please note that we will do our best to capture each camper in a photo, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

By registering for and having a child participate in a Summertimes summer program, the parent or guardian authorizes SSSAS to use the registered child’s likeness, image, and voice in SSSAS-related communications and materials, in any form or media. Children will not be identified by name in photo captions unless express permission has been given by the parent or guardian.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Summertimes provides a safe environment for everyone on our campuses. During pick-up and drop-off, staff will be directing carpool on each campus. We ask that all guardians obey speed limits and drive carefully when on campus. We ask that parents and guardians drop their camper off according to the staggered drop-off times outlined in each camp’s welcome letter. For some camps, camp staff members will escort campers from the carpool line to their camp locations. If you have campers at the Lower School campus in two different buildings, please drop your campers off at the building for your youngest camper.

For dismissal, any individual picking up a camper must display the pick-up authorization placard (sent via email to registered families) in their car window or present it to camp staff. Only individuals listed in the “Guardian” and “Emergency Contacts” sections of the camper’s registration account will be allowed to pick up the camper. If an authorization placard is not presented at pick up, the guardian’s identity will have to be verified with a government-issued I.D. If an individual picking up a camper is not listed in the online registration account as a “Guardian” or “Emergency Contact,” Summertimes staff will have to contact the camper’s guardians to confirm that the individual is allowed to pick up the camper.

Extended Care

For details related to our Extended Care program, please visit our Extended Care page.

Lunches and Snacks

Summertimes has partnered with Fairfax Food Service to offer campers the option of ordering boxed lunches for any given camp week. Lunch for each full camp week is $30.00; the cost for lunch for the Week 2 holiday week is $25.00, and $20.00 for the Week 4 holiday week. All ordered lunches will be delivered to your camper’s assigned campus on a daily basis and will be distributed by Summertimes staff members.

To order lunch for your camper’s session, please add the option to the desired camp session during registration.

Campers can also choose to bring their own bagged lunch. Please pack lunches that do not require refrigeration. Please visit our Lunch Program page for more details.

All campers are asked to bring a water bottle and snack, although some camps do offer snacks. Specific information about your child’s camp will be provided in your camp’s welcome letter, which will be emailed the week prior to your child’s camp session.

Please note that SSSAS is not a nut-free campus. Staff members will have access to all camper allergy information, and accommodations will be made for those campers will severe food allergies.


Please note that all children under 18 years, as minors, are not permitted to receive any medications without parental written consent. All registrants must complete the health information section on our registration system, which includes an authorization for camp medical staff to administer over-the-counter medications (such as Tylenol) if deemed necessary. In addition, if a camper requires any prescription or self-supplied non-prescription medication while at camp, the parent or guardian must complete and upload the Medication Authorization Form to their child’s registration portal, which must signed by a parent or legal guardian and a physician. This form must be uploaded no later than June 1. At the start of camp at drop-off, the medication should be checked in with our medical staff. Both prescription and non-prescription medication should be in the original container with the direction label attached. Medications will only be administered to the name identified on the label and in accordance with the prescriber’s instructions pertaining to dosage, frequency, and route.

Children with Asthma: If your child requires prescription medication to treat asthma, the Medication Authorization Form must be completed, signed by a parent or legal guardian and a physician, and uploaded prior to June 1. For children with asthma, the Asthma Action Plan must also be completed, signed by a parent and a physician, and uploaded no later than June 1.

Children with Allergies: Please keep in mind that we are not a nut-free campus, and potential allergens may be present in other camper’s lunches. If a camper requires that an EpiPen be available while at camp, the Medication Authorization Form must be completed, signed by a parent or legal guardian and a physician, and uploaded prior to June 1. In addition, the Allergy Emergency Care Plan must also be completed, signed by a parent or legal guardian, and uploaded prior to June 1. At drop-off, the camper’s parent or guardian should check in a set of EpiPens with the medical staff on that campus. 

All medications and EpiPens will be returned to campers at the end of the camp week. Please note that Summertimes will not store a camper’s medications over a weekend.

Potty-Training Requirement

All campers in our Jr Day Camp (ages 3 and 4) must be fully potty trained prior to the start of their camp week. Campers must be sent to camp in underwear; diapers or pull-ups/training pants are not permitted.

What to Wear and Bring

Dress for camps and summer classes is comfortable, while being weather- and activity-appropriate. All personal items should be labeled with the camper’s first and last name. Summertimes is not responsible for lost items.

All Camps
All campers should wear lightweight clothing, a hat, and shoes appropriate for their camp. Please do not send your camper in flip-flops or Crocs unless your child’s camp requires a water shoe. For sports camps and camps with sports activities, campers should wear athletic shoes. A camper without appropriate footwear may be limited in activities.

We strongly encourage all campers in all programs to apply sunscreen before coming to camp, and also ask that they bring their own sunscreen labeled with their name. We make every effort to remind campers to reapply sunscreen (especially for outdoor camps), and will assist our younger participants as needed.

Summer Academic Classes
Dress for academic programs is informal but neat, and it must be appropriate for a classroom setting. St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School students taking Summer Academic classes are asked to adhere to the dress-down rules that are followed during the regular school year.

What Not to Wear or Bring
Clothing with inappropriate logos or sayings
Clothing with tears or holes
Electronics or toys, unless your Camp Director specifies otherwise

Visiting Our Campuses

Visitors are permitted at Summertimes for specific events, such as performances and championship games. Your child’s camp program will notify you if there is an event during the camp day that you may attend. If you need to bring your child something during the day, please call the Summer Programs Office (703-212-2777), and we will contact your child’s camp director or instructor.

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