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At Summertimes, we place the highest priority on the safety, security, and wellness of our campers.

Camper Safety


All of our campuses have a full-time security professional on-site during the day. In addition, our building security includes a door lock system with an intercom for gaining access.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Summertimes provides a safe environment for everyone on our campuses. During pick-up and drop-off, staff will be directing carpool on each campus. We ask that all guardians obey speed limits and drive carefully when on campus.

For dismissal, any individual picking up a camper must display the pick-up authorization placard (sent via email to registered families) in their car window or present it to camp staff. Only individuals listed in the “Guardian” and “Emergency Contacts” sections of the camper’s registration account will be allowed to pick up the camper. If an authorization placard is not presented at pick up, the guardian’s identity will have to be verified with a government-issued I.D. If an individual picking up a camper is not listed in the online registration account as a “Guardian” or “Emergency Contact,” Summertimes staff will have to contact the camper’s guardians to confirm that the individual is allowed to pick up the camper.


Visitors are permitted at Summertimes for specific events, such as performances and championship games. Your child’s camp program will notify you if there is an event during the camp day that you may attend. If you need to drop off an item for a camper, please call our Summer Programs Office at 703-212-2777 so that we can meet you outside when you arrive.


Each camper’s health and wellness is a top concern. During the weeks of our Summertimes programs, we have medical staff on each of our three campuses. Summertimes requires that every camper has a valid immunization form submitted no later than June 1, which can be uploaded into your online registration account. In addition, any camper with a life-threatening allergy or asthma must upload an allergy or asthma action plan and a medication authorization form. Each camp is assigned a First Aid backpack that travels with that camp throughout the day.

Inclement Weather and Heat Monitoring

Each SSSAS campus has a lightning prediction system. The system will sound a long siren blast when lightning is detected, and all campers will be asked to move inside until they hear three short siren blasts from the system.

The Summertimes staff closely monitors the temperatures during the day, especially for outdoor and sports camps. In particular, when the WetBulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) reading is above 92 degrees, any active athletic workouts and exercises are delayed until a lower WBGT temperature is recorded.

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