Thank you for a fantastic summer, and we hope to see you back at Summertimes 2023!

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More art, more outdoor-based camps, and more academic programs to get you ready for next year. We have some amazing new camps and classes planned for Summer 2022. Check some of them out below!

Around the World Camp

Language, SpecialtyGrades 1st – 2ndWeek 7 July 25 – 29, Week 8 August 1 – 5Afternoon

Around the World Camp will expose campers to countries throughout the world.

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Big Fish Camp

Specialty, SportsGrades 6th – 8thWeek 6 July 18 – 22Full Day

Big Fish Camp takes campers to lakes, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay to catch fish and learn more advanced fishing techniques.

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Camp CSI

Specialty, STEM & HealthGrades 2nd – 5thWeek 9 August 8 – 12Full Day

Learn how to be a crime-solving detective using science, and explore mysteries throughout the week.

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Cooking Around the World

SpecialtyGrades 3rd – 6thWeek 4 July 5 – 8Full Day

Exercise your cooking skills using international recipes.

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Elementary Art for Fun

Art, SpecialtyGrades 2nd – 5thWeek 9 August 8 – 12, Week 10 August 15 – 19Full Day

Come explore your artistic side with watercolor and acrylic paint!

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FUTURE-100 Soccer Camp

SportsGrades Kindergarten – 3rdWeek 9 August 8 – 12Full Day

Come practice your soccer skills this summer while having fun!

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Graphic Design Camp

Art, Specialty, STEM & HealthGrades 6th – 8thWeek 9 August 8 – 12Full Day

Learn to make art and advertisements for companies and organizations – just like the professionals!

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Picture Book Explorations: Connecting with Characters and Authors

Language, SpecialtyGrades Kindergarten – 1stWeek 2 June 21 – 24Morning

PIcture Book Explorations teaches campers to make text-to-self connections and deepens their love of reading through hands-on activities.

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