July 30-August 3

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  • Alexandria Tennis Academy/SSSAS Tennis Camp

    Ages 5-15
    AM Session 9:00a.m. to 12 Noon
    Full-Day Session 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    Session I - June 11-15
    Session II - June 18-22
    Session III - June 25-29 
    Session IV - July 2-6 (No Camp Wed July 4)
    Session V - July 9-13
    Session VI - July 16-20 CANCELED
    Session VII - July 23-27
    Session VIII - July 30-August 3
    Session IX - August 6-10
    Session X - August 13-17
    Upper School Campus
    $255 per AM session
    $325 Holiday Week July 2-6
    $400 per Full-Day session

    We are pleased to announce the return of our Alexandria Tennis Academy- SSSAS Tennis Camp for Boys and Girls.  Sessions begin as early as June 11 and continue through August 17, 2018 and you can sign up for an AM or a Full-Day session.
    This camp is directed by our Boys Varsity Tennis Coach Mr. Kinde Taye. Players at all levels of experience are welcome as Coach Taye will personalize your tennis training experience while focusing on improving your fundamental knowledge and skill set of the game.  Coach Taye is the 2016 Washington Post All-Metropolitian Region Coach of the Year and he is a USPTA certified tennis professional with over 25 years experience coaching regionally and nationally ranked players from around the country.  Coach Taye is also the owner and director of the Alexandria Tennis Academy. Questions can be directed to Coach Taye at kindetaye@yahoo.com.
  • American Sign Language Camp

    Rising Grades 5-9
    9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    July 30-August 3
    Middle School Campus
    $400 per session

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, get your hands ready, your eyes open, and let’s learn about sign language!  The participants in this camp will partake in an enriching experience in the world of American Sign Language.  From building their foundation with the alphabet, to developing and maintaining a wide range of vocabulary, to even learning how to hold conversations with each other, campers will have fun while learning a tremendously valuable skill set. Our campers will also explore the Deaf world by learning about Deaf culture, interacting with people from the deaf community, and seeing their learning applied to the real world on a field trip to Gallaudet University in Washington, DC, a renowned deaf university! For more information about the American Sign Language Camp, contact Hanna Kidane at hannaki18@sssas.org. We hope to see you!

    Our director, Ms. Melina McCrary holds a Master of Science degree in Speech and Language Pathology from Gallaudet University where she pursued her passion for working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. Prior to beginning her graduate studies, Ms. McCrary's interest in the field of Deaf studies grew from an ASL class she took as a child to immersing herself in the Deaf culture by taking classes at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf to ultimately attending Gallaudet University. Ms. McCrary's enthusiasm only grows as she introduces others to the enrichment that the Deaf Community offers. You may also contact Ms. McCrary with your questions at mmccrary@sssas.org.
  • ASM Summer Tennis Camp

    ASM Summer Tennis Camp REGISTER NOW
    SSSAS Alumni Chris Moulin brings ASM Tennis Academy in (USA, France, Switzerland, Russia) for 8th year to St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School for Summer 2018: For Ages 5-15
    *All payment and registration for this auxiliary tennis camp are handled through ASM Tennis Academy.  If you have any questions please contact Chris Moulin at 703-505-5846 or e-mail programs@asmsport.net or website www.asmtennisacadmeny.com.  
    ASM Tennis Camp Sessions offering weekly full day and half day tennis camps. (Limited to 30 junior players per week) register fast limited availability.
    ASM’s Tennis Specialized camp programs for Children ages 5-15 enables players to learn and be grouped according to level and ability.  ASM Tennis Academy specialized programs are offered in USA, France, Switzerland, Russia .  We customize campers into fallowing training groups so players learn and develop together in a fun environment.  Campers will be grouped by age and skill level in Red Ball(5-8 years of age), Orange Ball(8-10 years of age), Green Ball  (10-12 years of age) or Development (ages 8-15). Development is for USTA team players or USTA individual players level intermediate through advanced.  Individual Master Classes (all ages) are for players to work one and one to develop proper technique, consistency, and strategy for players.

    The ASM tennis camp programs begin June 4 and runs weekly through August 24 and is located on the shaded updated tennis courts at the SSSAS Lower school campus. Program activities include weekly tennis, indoor activities, prizes, competitions, games and an end of the week pizza party.  Campers will be grouped according to age or ability level.  Quick-start courts and soft balls will be used for players ages 5-10 (36” red ball, 60” orange ball, and 78” green ball).  The cost of participation is listed below and payment needs to be submitted to ASM through our website www.asmtennisacademy.com.
    ALL ASM Camp Program options run Weekly sessions (M-F) from June 4 – August 24, 2018 at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes Lower School located at 400 Fontaine Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22302.

    Camp Dates:

    Session 1: June 4 – June 8           Session 2: June 11 – June 15
    Session 3: June 18 – June 22       Session 4: June 25 – June 29 
    Session 5: July 9- July 13              Session 6: July 16 – July 20 
    Session 7:  July 23 – July 27         Session 8:  July 30 – August 3
    Session 9:  August 6 - August 10  Session 10: August 13 – August 17
    Session 11: August 20 – August 24
    ASM Tennis Camp: 
    Hours: Full Day 9:00am - 3:00pm, Half Day 9:00am-12:00pm and 12:00pm-3:00pm
    Ages: 5-15 for boys and girls
    Cost:  Early Bird Price is $375 per full week, Half Day $240 per week, or One Day $90 per day. After May 16, 2018 price $399 per full week, Half Day $250 per week.   $50 non-refundable deposit due per session at time of registration to hold camper enrollment slot or full payment.  
    Camp balance due by May 16, 2018.
    Payment:  www.asmtennisacademy.com
    Individual (1hr) Master Classes: any level (1hr)
    Hours: Between 3:00pm-7:00pm
    Ages: any age (juniors, parents and community welcome)
    Cost:  $85 per hour.  
    Schedule Lesson:  Please e-mail programs@asmsport.net
    Payment: Due at the time of lesson pay online at www.asmtennisacademy.com

    *After-Care- available from 3-6pm cost is $150 for week or $45 per day

    Visit us on Facebook for previous photos of ASM Tennis Camps at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes
    School at www.asmtennisacademy.com and scroll down to the the Facebook icon.
    General Contact Information:
    Director: Chris Moulin
  • August Adventures Day Camp

    Rising Grades K-6
    8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    Session I - July 30-August 3
    Session II - August 6-10
    Session III - August 13-17 
    Lower School Campus
    $395 per session

    Like our traditional SummerTimes Day Camp program, these three, one-week sessions engage youngsters in a wide variety of exciting and enriching activities, including arts and crafts, sports, science exploration, puzzles, games, music, creative dance, and computer classes. Children are grouped by age, and the emphasis is on fun, exploration, and play in a safe and relaxed environment. We will go swimming most days in Alexandria, very close to our Lower School campus. As an added twist, each week's activities are built around a specific theme, with time devoted to an extended field trip on SSSAS school buses to destinations near the campus.
    Come join us for an exciting and fun-packed week (or two or three) of late-summer excitement! ENROLL EARLY! Day Camp spots fill-up quickly as the summer nears its end.
    Contact Camp Director, Ms. Libby Weith, with any questions you have eweith@sssas.org or by telephone at 703-212-2939.
  • Club SciKidz NOVA

    Rising Grades K-2 & 3-5
    Session I - July 23-27 

    Grades K-2 - Jurassic Park
    Grades 3-5 - Special Effects
    Session II - July 30-August 3 
    Grades K-2 - Little Engineers
    Grades 3-5 - Adventures in Minecraft
    Session III - August 6-10 
    Grades K-2 - Grossology Camp
    Grades 3-5 - Emergency Medicine 
    Session IV - August 13-17
    Grades K-2 Junior Chemist
    Grades 3-5 CSI Camp
    Middle School Campus
    $400 per session

    SSSAS is excited about our new partnership with Club SciKidz NOVA. Please see below for a list of our new offerings this year.  Please contact ryan@krksouthriding.com for questions regarding camp and its curriculum.

    Session I July 23-27 Grades K-2 - Jurassic Park

    Museum Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they are very much alive in Camp Jurassic. Campers learn about a variety of dinosaurs and their habitats. Rocks, minerals, and fossils are studied along with a variety of related projects. Sample Projects: Dinosaur Model, Panning for Gems and Minerals, Building a Volcano, Casting a Sea Shell Fossil, and Dinosaur Dig. 

    Session I July 23-27 Grades 3-5 - Special Effects

    Special Effects This is the first camp ever offered by Club SciKidz! Newly revised and more exciting than ever, campers learn the science behind Hollywood’s special effects. Activities will demonstrate concepts related to light, sound, perception, illusion, and model building. One of the great features of this camp is that all campers will create (and take home!) a movie using techniques in Claymation and Stop-Motion Animation. Lessons include plot development, storyboarding, set building, filming, and sound effects. Campers will also learn various special effects makeup techniques working with the same materials used by professional makeup artists. They will simulate cuts, bruises, artificial blood, and old age. Is there a future movie director living in your house? This is a camp your child won’t want to miss! Please have your moviemaker bring a 4G Flash Drive to camp to save their movie.

    Session II July 30-August 3 Grades K-2 - Little Engineers
    Sir Isaac Newton never had this much fun! Campers will be immersed into our toymaker's workshop as they construct and take home several different toy projects during the week. Each project will teach an important physical property. Sample Projects: Pocket Rocket, Sponge Ball Slingshot, Marshmallow Shooter, Snap Circuit Board. 

    Session II July 30-August 3 Grades 3-5 - Adventures in Minecraft
    Minecraft is a block-building sandbox game with no set rules, where you can build anything you can possibly imagine. Allowing players to build, explore, create, collaborate, and even survive, Minecraft has created a new type of gaming environment. For veteran gamers, this camp will assist your survival and creativity as you learn new strategies from the creators themselves.This camp is for those campers that have already been playing Minecraft. Campers learn how to make modifications and use Redstone to expand their creative abilities. All campers are required to have a Minecraft™ account for this class. Purchase a standard account and desktop version of Minecraft™ ($26.95)

    Session III August 6-10 Grades K-2 - Grossology Camp
    Grossology Campers will discover loads of horribly fantastic experiments! Projects focus on blood, bones, and body bits! This is science with the squishy bits left in it! Tons of chemistry and biology for the aspiring doctor or scientist! Sample Projects: Bulging Bag of Brains, Simulated Snot, Baby Diaper Dissection, Eyeball Acrobatics, Bird Barf, and we are only getting started! 

    Session III August 6-10 Grades 3-5 - Emergency Medicine

    Hospital Campers learn about the life of an Emergency Medical Technician and are exposed to the important life saving techniques of first aid and CPR. Numerous hands-on projects include using medical instruments, triage and diagnosis, and how to give a shot. We also explore the structures and physiology of the amazing human body.Sample Projects: Making herbal medicines, learning to stitch a wound, build a lung model, first aid techniques and splinting.

    Session IV August 13-17 Grades K-2 - Junior Chemist
    It is time for Glues, Brews and Goos! From our stockpile of hundreds of recipes and formulas, we have chosen our top favorite chemistry activities. Campers will love digging into and examining the results of these crazy chemical concoctions! Campers will create several other wacky, wild and crazy concoctions! Our Jr. Chemists will realize the importance of measurement and sequencing as they use a taco sauce creation to clean pennies and investigate candy chromatography. Sample Projects: Blob Explosions, Funny Putty, Magic Bubble Paint, Make Your Own Chewing Gum. 

    Session IV August 13-17 Grades 3-5 - CSI Camp

    CSI Campers will learn to become Crime Scene Investigators during actual crime scene setups! Campers will learn how law enforcement professionals solve crimes and meet real professional Crime Scene Investigators and K-9 Handlers. You’ll use the tools used in the field to collect evidence. Campers will learn how a crime is actually solved and learn how Biology, Chemistry, and Physics play a major role in the investigation!
  • Doll House Camp

    Rising Grades 1-4
    9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    Session I - July 23-27
    Session II - July 30-Aug 3
    Lower School Campus
    $425 per session

    SSSAS is excited to offer a new camp this year!

    Dollhouse Camp

    Join us for one week of making everything you can imagine for your own very own dollhouse. This one-of-a-kind dollhouse will include your designs for paint colors, wallpaper, works of art, furniture, people, built-in cabinets, light fixtures, bathroom appointments, miniature food, and whatever else you envision!

    Campers will be immersed in painting, printmaking, stamping, and ceramics to bring their dream into reality. At the end of the week, campers will bring home their fully appointed wood dollhouse as well as any accessories/people they created. The camp Director is a former SSSAS faculty member and was an Art Teacher at Sidwell Friends School. She is currently a teacher at Emmanuel Preschool.

    Contact Camp Director Mrs. Jacquelyn Kittredge with any questions at dollhousecamp1@gmail.com
  • Drobots Drone Camp Grades 3-8

    Rising Grades 3-8
    9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.
    Session II - July 30-August 3
    Middle School Campus
    $450 per session

    Drobots Company was originally founded by a small group of parents, educators, visionaries and do-it-yourself engineers. The mission was and still is to inspire students to reduce time in front of a computer screen and instead utilize drone technology in a setting that promotes collaborative project-based learning in a positive educational environment. Hence, the company trademark slogan, Where Technology Meets Fresh Air™.
    The primary goal of any Drobots Company program is to mentor participants on how to become lifelong learners and instill a strong sense of curiosity, confidence and teamwork. Due to the exponential growth of the drone industry, kids and teens may now explore, learn and evolve along with the applications of today and the discoveries of tomorrow. Drobots fosters this new technological landscape with a unique curriculum and well-trained positively motivated instructors
    At Drobots we create flexible experiences that shift students between the excitement and hands-on activities of our indoor activities and the freedom and exploration of the outdoors. Participants utilize imagination, hand-eye coordination and STEM applications to conquer challenges and missions - all in a team-oriented environment. Under the umbrella of a friendly competitive and gamified teaching and learning methodology, participants collaborate in a team setting to deconstruct challenges and then solve them.
    The core foundation of our company and the programming we work diligently to develop is built upon creativity, exploration, technology and fun. Our commitment and passion is derived from the unlimited positive applications of innovative technology.  Throughout all of our kids camps and teen programs students thrive under the supervision of an adult-led staff committed to the development of the individual and team.
    Safety is our #1 priority and our rigorous hiring standards attract the best instructors in the country. At Drobots Company we understand that instructors with years of experience working with kids and teens is the key difference between a good experience and a GREAT experience. Our family of instructors embodies the passion and creativity that we strive to inspire in every participant.  Contact one of the directors with any questions you may have at fly@drobotscompany.com or by telephone at 844-516-2267.

    Watch their Video!

    Drone Superhero Missions
    Rising Grades 3 to 5
    Session II - July 30-August 3

    Drone Superhero Missions
    Description: Superhero Missions is specifically designed for both the novice and experienced drone enthusiasts. Our instructors will open the creative minds of participants as campers attack and defend against Superheroes and Villains. Students will begin the week learning basic maneuvers before using their “Spidey-Sense” to conquer missions such as: Batman’s Drone-Mobile Escape, The Breakout of Iron Man and more. Participants will storyboard their own escape missions while other students attempt to outsmart them using the drone to locate and capture. Drone safety and the social responsibilities of flying drones are included in this program. All campers go home with interactive workbooks and plenty of Drobots Company keepsakes and trinkets so the memories last long beyond the summer.

    Drone Racing & Obstacle Course Challenge
    Rising Grades 6 to 8
    Session II - July 30-August 3

    Drone Racing & Obstacle Course Challenge
    Description: Drone Racing is filled with pure action as students enjoy one of the world’s fastest growing sports, Drone Racing. Campers will first learn about the basic safety of drone flying and the history behind drone racing as a sport. From there, campers will progress through various skill challenges and learn how to perform various exercises and maneuvers to become familiar with the drone’s speed and agility. Flight squads post up against one another in friendly competition when they race themselves and the clock. Students first maneuver the drone through creative obstacle courses before taking on the challenge of flying for speed. Participants contribute fully in this program as they create the design and help build the the obstacle course in preparation for the last day’s final activities and competition.. All campers go home with interactive workbooks and plenty of Drobots Company keepsakes and trinkets so the memories last long beyond the summer. Drone safety and social responsibilities of flying are included in this program.  
  • Fashion & Machine Sewing Camp

    Rising grades 4-10
    Full Day 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
    Session I - July 9-13
    Session II - July 16-20
    Session III - July 23-27
    Session IV - July 30-August 3
    Middle School Campus
    $530 per session

    Whether you are an aspiring fashion designer or a creative camper looking for new skills, immerse yourself in the wonderful world of machine sewing! Designed with older campers in mind, this program is all about choice and creative expression. Campers will be taught how to read and use a wide variety of Simplicity Creative Group patterns, our exclusive pattern partner. In addition to a catalog of over 20 patterns, campers get to choose from dozens and dozens of bolts of tempting fabrics to bring individual style and flare to every creation. There are more than enough options to keep you coming back week after week and year after year! 
    Please address any questions to the Handwork Studios at 610-660-9600 or at info@thehandworkstudio.com.
  • French Camp

    Ages 5-11
    9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    July 30-August 3
    Lower School Campus
    Bonjour! Do you want to learn or expand your French vocabulary while exploring the French-speaking world? Under the direction of Upper School French Teacher Mrs. Kimberly Scott, campers will begin to build useful everyday vocabulary while developing basic listening, reading, writing, and conversational skills. After an initial exploration of France and its capital city (“The City of Lights”), campers will then “travel” through the French-speaking world and its many unique and colorful countries (Canada, Martinique, Senegal) to discover the rich diversity and esprit of their people and cultures.  French cooking, crafts, music, dance, games, and stories are incorporated into a kaleidoscope of daily activities that celebrate French culture, along with a special field trip to a French eatery in Old Town, Alexandria to highlight the week. Along the way, campers will create artifacts and journal entries that detail their experiences. Camp concludes on Friday with a special presentation for family and friends. Everyone knows that early childhood exposure can have a dramatic impact on later language acquisition. Come and join us this summer for a fun and exciting French adventure. Note:  No prior knowledge of French necessary! Contact Camp Director Madame Kim Scott at kscott@sssas.org or by telephone at 703-212-2915.
  • Fun Arts Camp

    Rising Grades 3-7
    9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    July 30-August 3
    Middle School Campus
    $395 per session

    Explore and advance your fine art skills and creativity!
    SSSAS Middle School Art Teacher, Kati Towle, offers students the opportunity to develop drawing skills and practice painting techniques with a wide variety of materials, such as charcoal, color pencil, watercolor, acrylic, and more.  We will also explore collage, printmaking, and book arts.  We will do small and large-scale projects throughout the week. We will also have a field trip to meet artists at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria.
    Contact camp director, Ms. Kati Towle with any questions at ktowle@sssas.org.
  • Girls Lacrosse Camp 3

    Rising Grades K-4
    9:00 a.m. to noon OR
    9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    July 30-August 3
    Upper School Campus
    $255 AM Session Only
    $450 Full-Day Session
    SSSAS Assistant Varsity Lacrosse Coach and former Ohio State University goalkeeper, Ms. Stacey Williams brings her knowledge and enthusiasm for lacrosse to any interested girls in rising grades K-4. The morning sessions will focus on fundamentals, footwork, small game play, lots of skill based movement games and having FUN! If you're ready to learn lacrosse the SAINTS way, come and be coached by SSSAS alums playing in college and current SSSAS lacrosse players.  Players of all levels (including those playing for the first time) are welcome and skill groups will be formed based on age and ability.  There will be specialized GK instruction available at the camp. Protective eye wear, mouth guard, water bottle and stick are required. Goalkeepers need to bring their own equipment.
    Full-Day campers will go to the swimming pool from 1:00-2:00pm each day and come back and finish the day off with afternoon games. Full day campers can also purchase lunch each day for $5 and additional snacks and drinks will be sold. In addition to your lacrosse gear, full day campers will also need to bring a swimming suit, towel, and water shoes.

    Please contact Coach Williams with any questions at 
    Girls Lacrosse/Speed Training Camp
    Rising Grades 5-8
    9:00 a.m. to noon OR
    9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    July 30-August 3
    Upper School Campus
    $255 AM Session Only
    $450 Full-Day Session
    Varsity Track and Field Head Coach Scott McLeod and Assistant Varsity Lacrosse Coach Stacey Williams team up for this unique camp to combine lacrosse and speed training into one camp! This is one camp, you don’t want to miss!
    During the speed training portion of camp, the athletes will focus on efficient movement, change of speed and direction, speed games and explosive movements. These focused skills will also be applied to lacrosse drills in the morning and small sided games in the afternoon.
    During the lacrosse portion of camp, the athletes will focus on individual stick skills and individual and team offense and defense concepts that will progress from 1v1's to full field scrimmages by the end of the week, improving their lax IQ and having FUN!
    Morning skill groups will be formed based on grade and ability.  There will also be specialized GK instruction available during the camp. Protective eye wear, mouth guard, water bottle, sneakers, turf shoes/cleats and stick are required. Goalkeepers need to bring their own equipment. In addition to your lacrosse gear, full day campers will also need to bring a swimming suit, towel, and water shoes.
    Full-Day campers will go to the swimming pool from 1:00-2:00pm each day and come back and finish the day off with afternoon lacrosse and speed games, core work, and a proper cool down. Full day campers can also purchase lunch each day for $5 and additional snacks and drinks will be sold.
    Coach McLeod and Coach Williams are known for their ability to teach and coach effectively and safely to athletes of all ages and skill levels. We hope that you will join us for a fun week where we will test your limits in both lacrosse and speed training while having a blast! Current SSSAS varsity lacrosse and track and field players will help coach the camp and will be joined by current college lacrosse players who excelled as both a Saints Lacrosse and Track and Field athlete too!
    Please contact Coach Williams with any questions at swilliams@sssas.org
  • Handwork Sewing/Fiber Arts Camp

    Rising grades K-6
    9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
    Session I - July 9-13
    Session II - July 16-20
    Session III - July 23-27
    Session IV - July 30-August 3
    Middle School Campus
    $480 per session

    Picture your child in the care of energetic and imaginative counselors exploring the world of needle-arts. At Handwork Day Camp, you’ll find campers sharing stories and laughs while working on a wide array of unique projects. Our goal is to teach useful skills such as hand-sewing, embroidery, knitting, weaving, needle-felting and much more! Campers are always free to express themselves and are enveloped in creativity and fun. Whether refining skills or learning brand new ones, our camp is sure to delight. Join the fun with this Summer's fresh new curriculum with different projects every week!
    Please direct any questions to the Handwork Studio at 610-660-9600 or at info@thehandworkstudio.com.
  • Johns Hopkins University - Center for Talented Youth

    Rising Grades 3-6
    9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    July 23 - August 10
    Upper School Campus

    All registration for this auxiliary camp is handled by the university and JHU/CTY Program directors. You may contact them through their website at www.cty.jhu.edu or by telephone: General Information 410-735-6200 OR CTY Online 1-866-646-3816(toll free) OR 410-735-6186 OR 410-735-6182.
  • Junior Musical Theater Camp

    Rising Grades 2-6
    9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    Session I - July 16-20
    Session II - July 23-27
    Session III - July 30-August 3
    Upper School Campus
    $395 per session

    Calling all Stars! Have you ever dreamed of seeing your name in lights? Come and train to be a triple threat.  Our goal is to develop your creative skills while exploring different aspects of theater through acting, singing, choreography, improve games, set and costume design. The best part of camp is not only the friends you will make, but the self-discovery and growth you will see throughout the five days.  Junior Musical Theater Camp provides the opportunity to put on a Broadway-style show under professional direction of DC native Marguerite Scully.   Ms. Scully has had the opportunity to direct many plays, as well as perform throughout Europe and New York City.  While the opera stage is where Ms. Scully trained she has always had a passion for musical theater.  This summer musical theater program is truly an immersive experience for aspiring musical theater artists with daily rehearsals that encourage creativity while having fun!  Each session culminates with a performance shared with friends and family. Everyone gets a part, beginners and advanced are welcome!  Campers can sign up for multiple sessions, but register early as these spots fill up fast! If you have any questions please contact camp Director Marguerite Scully at Margueritescully@hotmail.com.
  • Outdoor Adventures Camp

    Rising Grades 5-9
    Session I - July 23-27
    Session II July 30-August 3
    Middle School Campus

    Campers will learn outdoor skills which enable them to have fun while pursuing outdoor activities while at the same time emphasizing the need to protect the areas in which we spend time. Campers will learn "leave no trace" skills, basic plant and animal identification skills, how to read a topographical map, basic navigational skills, and will get to participate in a variety of outdoor activities. Potential activities include the following: rock climbing, white-water rafting, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and SUPing. Contact SSSAS Faculty member and alumna '11 Virginia Cady at vcady@sssas.org with your questions about this camp experience.
  • Public Radio/Broadcast Journalism Camp

    Rising Grades 6-9
    Session I - July 30-August 3
    Session II - August 13-17
    Middle School Campus
    Your camper will spend the week learning about audio recording and production along with concepts and principles based on broadcast journalism as practiced by NPR. Your young reporters will pitch and develop an idea, write a script, conduct their own interviews, record themselves and produce audio pieces for their very own podcast. At the end of the week, each camper will receive a CD with his or her audio productions - along with an online link to share with friends and family. The week will also include visits from active public radio producers, reporters, engineers or newscasters - as well as a tour of NPR headquarters in Washington DC (parents are welcome to meet us for the tour and lunch). Camp director Chad Campbell has worked for two decades in radio, mostly at NPR and Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Feel free to contact Mr. Campbell at ccampbell@sssas.org with any questions you may have about the camp.
  • Tiny Chefs Camp

    Rising grades JK-6
    9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
    Session I - June 18-22 - Sweet & Savory Pies
    Session II - June 25-29 -Snack Attack
    Session III - July 2-6 - Kids Cook Off {TinyChefs Grades JK-2} & Chopped {Gourmet Chefs Grades 3-6}  (No Camp Wednesday July 4)
    Session IV - July 9-13 - Dips & Donuts
    Session V - July 16-20 - Cupcakes Wars I
    Session VI - July 23-27 - Cupcake Wars II
    Session VII - July 30-August 3 - Breakfast for Dinner
    Session VIII - August 6-10 - Superhero Adventure
    Lower School Campus Dining Hall
    $395 per Sessions I, II & IV-VIII
    $316 per Session III (Holiday Week)
    Creative Cooking with Tiny Chefs (Grades JK-2)
    Welcome to Tiny Chefs: A company dedicated to sharing the joy of cooking with kids. Kids of all ages love to get into the kitchen and help make treats and meals. At Tiny Chefs we tap into that love and make learning to cook fun, educational, nutritious, and did we mention fun? In each class we will introduce recipes that will enable your “Tiny Chef” to practice skills such as measuring, mixing, stirring, baking. and cooperating. As always your chefs will have plenty of good eats to sample and take home to share.

    Advanced Culinary Skills for Tiny Chefs (Grades 3-6)
    Welcome to Gourmet Chefs: A company dedicated to sharing the joy of cooking with kids. These days more and more kids are becoming interested in food and cooking. At Gourmet Chefs we aim to tap into that interest by creating an environment in which culinary exploration is balanced with important basic skills that students will use for the rest of their lives. In each completely interactive class, our Gourmet Chefs in training will prepare an entrée, healthy snack, or dessert. They will learn many of the basics of cooking, such as how to read and reference a recipe, proper measuring and knife skills and multiple cooking techniques including baking, grilling, and sautéing. As the students gain culinary knowledge they will also be expanding their vocabulary, reading comprehension, math and logic skills and their ability to work as a team. 

    Weekly Themes are described below:

    Sweet and Savory Pies - Session I June 18-22
    Who can resist warm, flaky pastry, fresh from the oven? It doesn’t matter if it is bursting with sweet, fruity, creamy deliciousness or flavorful, savory goodness, either way you just want to dive in! Tiny and Gourmet Chefs will learn techniques to create the classic pastry dough needed for such staples as Pies, Tarts and Quiche, plus the delicious fillings to go inside them. They will also work with puff pastry, pizza dough and phyllo as we explore recipes for Homemade Pop Tarts, Pizza Pie, Turnovers and Spanakopita. Pot Pies, Pie Pops and Empanadas…if there is pastry on it, under it or around it, we will probably be making it!

    Snack Attack - Session II June 25-29
    This week students will push the limits on the snack concept and prepare a variety of wholesome, delicious, and unique nibbles.  This is not your mother’s PB&J!  Chefs will prepare a variety of bite-sized munchies like chicken salad cups, homemade granola bars, veggie nachos, roasted red pepper hummus with homemade pita chips, and more.  No one will go hungry this week!

    Kids Cook-Off - Session III July 2-6 (Grades JK-2)
    Kid cooks, bakers and chefs have joined the ranks of elimination style cooking contests and here at Tiny Chefs we are getting in on the action! In this exciting session, classes will be separated into rotating teams and each team will create recipes that are judged by the instructors in a blind taste test.  Sometimes the teams will create the same item, and compete head to head, other times they will create different recipes within a theme such as Snack Attack or Sweet and Savory Pies. May the best team win!

    Chopped! - Session III July 2-6 (Grades 3-6)
    Never have food challenge reality shows been so popular and Chopped! is a favorite here at Tiny and Gourmet Chefs! We like it so much we decided to base a whole week long camp on the concept. Our version has the added twist of focusing on different cuisines every day of camp. So, each day the Tiny and Gourmet Chef campers will be presented with a basket with 3 or 4 ingredients, which reflect these different cuisines—French, Italian, Mexican, Asian and “All-American”. Using those ingredients and working within those cuisines, they will challenge themselves to make mouthwatering specialties, traditional favorites and explore new ingredients, tastes and combinations. 

    Dips and Donuts - Session IV July 9-13
    Does your kid love to dip their food? Chips in salsa, veggies in hummus, bread sticks in marinara sauce? How about dipping donuts in glazes and toppings?  In this fun, nutritious and delicious camp, the Tiny Chefs will do all of that! Savory recipes like Mexican Layered Dip or Spinach and Artichoke Dip in Wonton Wrappers will be made side-by side with Lemon Glazed Blueberry Donuts and Pumpkin Donut Holes with Cinnamon Topping. These are just a few of the types of recipes your Tiny Chef will enjoy as they dip and dunk (and bake and blend) their way through our newest camp!

    Cupcake Wars I - Session V July 16-20
    Cupcakes are all the rage and it’s a trend that’s clearly here to stay!  If you’ve ever been curious about how the pros make those cupcakes so precious and ornate, and if competition is your middle name, then this is the week for you!  We’ll spend three days on cupcake basics-measuring, mixing, baking, and frosting, and then finish the week with two days of baking battle!  Small teams will face off with one another to compete for the title of “Best Cupcake!”  May the best cupcake win!

    Cupcake Wars II - Session VI July 23-27
    Cupcakes are all the rage and it’s a trend that’s clearly here to stay!  If you’ve ever been curious about how the pros make those cupcakes so precious and ornate, and if competition is your middle name, then this is the week for you!  We’ll spend three days on cupcake basics-measuring, mixing, baking, and frosting, and then finish the week with two days of baking battle!  Small teams will face off with one another to compete for the title of “Best Cupcake!”  May the best cupcake win!

    Breakfast for Dinner! Session VII July 30-August 3
    Turn your favorite breakfast dishes into the main event as dinner options.  How about a cheddar-chive frittata with fresh salsa?  Or Brunch pasta with bacon and eggs?  Maybe you’d prefer a more traditional French toast, dressed up with bananas and blueberries?  Any way you slice it your little chef will love tucking into these comforting breakfast classics.

    Superhero Adventures - Session VIII August 6-10
    Superheroes have to eat too and we are going to let our Tiny and Gourmet Chefs figure out and make their favorite character’s meals! Does Spiderman like Make-your-Own Spider Web Pizza best? Does Hulk like our Smashing Mac and Cheese with Broccoli because it has green in it or would he & Iron Man share some Captain America’s Apple Pie?  After they have spent several weeks creating heroic menus, they will close out the session by designing their own superhero and deciding what their favorite food will be. Come join us for some superhero culinary adventures!
    Contact Ms. Katie Raguindin with any questions or dietary concerns at katie@tinychefs.com.
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