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Looking to the past’s art masterpieces to inspire the future!

Come help answer that age-old question, “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” Have you ever wondered why a painter is inspired to paint a particular picture? Or why a songwriter chose a certain lyric or melody? Art Inspiring Art challenges you to ask yourself what comes first: is it a poet that influences the musician or artist, or a painting or poem that creates a song?

Our days will be packed learning about the great artists of our time and what inspired them. Each day we will explore different media; we will use paintings to inspire us to create a story, a piece of music to create art, a poem to create illustrations, and text to create music. We will learn how all of these various media impact and enhance each other. Come explore through music, art, and literature, and discover what inspires you!

Art Inspiring Art is led by Ms. Marguerite Scully. Ms. Scully has directed numerous productions and has performed throughout Europe and New York City. If you have any questions please contact Ms. Scully at

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Tuition: $450 Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Campus: Middle School Drop Off/Pick up: Front Circle

2024 Program Dates

Week 1: June 10 - 14

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