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Build your perfect LEGO theme park, and then engineer your speediest raceway!

Welcome to LEGO and K’Nex Roller Coasters, two popular camps combined into one! In the morning, we build our very own theme parks using LEGO, K’NEX, and other awesome materials. Theme Park design allows campers to learn and test the science behind roller coasters, giant slides, and other theme park activities. Build a giant loop and race against other teams in friendly competitions, use legos to make a zip line glider, and then make a video from the riders perspective as you crash through your concession stand sending LEGOS everywhere!

After lunch, teams of campers will work together during multiple hands-on creative activities to design, build, and race rolling objects. Prepare to design and build the tallest, fastest, and most durable marble roller coasters before releasing your marble in super-speedster fashion down the tracks. Huddle up with your counselors and devise a plan to have your rolling objects jump over as many towers as possible without knocking them over. Get creative and build your very own balloon-powered speedster bot and navigate it around and crash it through various obstacles.

*Please note that there will be no camp on Tuesday, July 4th in observation of the Independence Day federal holiday.

Lego and K’Nex Roller Coaster Camp is led by Drobots, a Summertimes partner. Drobots’ mission is to inspire students to reduce idle time in front of a computer screen and instead utilize technology in a setting that promotes collaborative project-based learning in a positive educational environment. If you have any questions related to the camp, please contact Drobots at

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Tuition: $400 (holiday week) / $475 Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Campus: Lower School Drop Off/Pick up: Macan Circle

2023 Program Dates

Week 4: July 3, 5 - 7 Week 7: July 24 - 28

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