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Complete LEGO challenges using your math skills!

LEGO Challenge and Math Strategy Camp is for you if you love to solve puzzles, play logic games, and build amazing LEGO structures! In the mornings, we will introduce new strategies to build number sense and mathematical fluency, and we will reinforce these skills with fun and engaging games and activities each day such as Gravity Maze, Rush Hour, Chocolate Fix, and Balance Beans. We will also spend time playing games in The Rolling Rhombus, SSSAS’s retrofitted math bus!

In the afternoons, we will apply these math strategy and reasoning skills to LEGO building! Utilizing our math skills (patterning, geometry, measurement, and logic), students will create and build a variety of structures and objects such as mazes, buildings, towers, bridges, and zip lines. Campers will learn how these math skills apply to the building of their creations.

LEGO Challenge and Math Strategy Camp is directed by Ms. Ann Bremner, SSSAS Director of Lower School Mathematics. If you have any questions about this camp, please reach out to Ms. Bremner at

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Tuition: $450 Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Campus: Lower School Drop Off/Pick up: Macan Circle

2022 Program Dates

Week 3: June 27 - July 1

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