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Use your drone skills for life-saving missions

Drone search and rescue is a necessity for first responders around the globe, adding a new layer of creative solutions to save lives and increase safety. Firefighting and prevention, reforestation, search and rescue, utility inspections, medical transfers currently all rely on innovative drone solutions to reduce danger and increase efficiency. This innovative drone camp provides campers with the opportunity to participate in and learn from simulated missions during this action-packed, educational, and real-world applicable program.

Campers will learn to free fly and code drones autonomously during this camp week. They also will rely on other members of their rescue team to collect vital data in specific “rescue areas” to locate “victims” and safely rescue them. Our instructors use age-appropriate and cutting-edge technology methods available for creating plans, missions, and maps. Participants will also learn invaluable lessons on how to simply, quickly, and accurately make informed and targeted suggestions for real-world solutions.

Search and Rescue Drones is led by Drobots, a Summertimes partner. Drobots’ mission is to inspire students to reduce idle time in front of a computer screen and instead utilize technology in a setting that promotes collaborative project-based learning in a positive educational environment. If you have any questions related to the camp, please contact Drobots at

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Tuition: $475 Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Campus: Middle School Drop Off/Pick up: Front Circle

2024 Program Dates

Week 6: July 15 - 19

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