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Explore the excitement of the scientific world!

STEM Adventures is a hands-on, inquiry-based exploration of our world specifically geared towards young learners. Campers will take part in fun, age-appropriate, hands-on, science activities that will entertain as well as lay the foundation of a solid STEM education. Our experiments and activities will teach campers the basics of chemistry, physics, biology, geology, and paleontology. Activities will include erupting volcanoes, messy chemistry experiments, mini dissections, rockets, and airplanes, and discovering how shocking and magnetic science can be. Between making toys, musical instruments, circuits, and astronomy activities, the sky’s the limit!

Campers will also experience fun, water-based activities that teach buoyancy and density, make slime, and find solutions to problems that crop up. This STEM camp is designed to tap into a child’s natural curiosity, provide opportunities for discovery, creativity, and trial and error. Children learn that science is everywhere, and it is weird, wacky, and wonderful! STEM Adventures will foster a passion for science and build important scientific process skills. Today’s STEM campers are tomorrow’s astronauts, doctors, chemists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

STEM Adventures Camp is directed by Ms. Mackie Berro, an SSSAS Lower School science teacher. Please contact Ms. Berro at with any questions related to this camp.

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Tuition: $475 Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Campus: Lower School Drop Off/Pick up: Front Circle

2022 Program Dates

Week 7: July 25 - 29 Week 8: August 1 - 5

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