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Writing/Math Boost Combo

This program combines two separate half-day programs: Writing Boost: Using Sentence Diagrams to Take Your Writing to the Next Level; and Math Boost: Practice and Prep for the Upcoming Year.

In the morning session, students will be taught methods to help enhance and strengthen their writing. They will learn the parts of speech by breaking down and diagramming sentences. We will begin with simple sentences, and progress in a no-pressure atmosphere – after all, it’s summer! We will use songs and chants to help us remember and use concepts. By the end, students should be ready to apply their new skills in English class having learned lessons that will benefit their writing skills for years to come.

After a lunch break, during the afternoon session, students will add, subtract, multiply, and divide, take a deep look at fractions and decimals, and explore real world applications. Each day will include instruction, practice, and games in a low-pressure atmosphere. Our goals are to learn, to enjoy the beauty of numbers, and to be ready to start the upcoming school year on the right foot!

*The curriculum for Week 7 (July 26 – 30) will be geared towards rising 6th graders, while the curriculum for Week 8 (Aug 2 – 6) will be geared towards rising 7th graders.*

Writing Boost/Math Boost is taught by SSSAS Middle School faculty member, Ms. Dania Lee. If you have any questions related to the program, please contact Ms. Lee at

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Tuition: $450 Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Campus: Upper School Drop Off/Pick up: Front Circle

2021 Program Dates

Week 7: July 26 - 30 Week 8: August 2 - 6

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