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Coding, Fossils, Math Games, and More!


Grades 2nd – 5th

Can’t decide whether you want to play chess or code? You can have it all! Campers will split their day between these two engaging activities.

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Grades 1st – 5th

Can’t decide whether you want to play chess or build and program robots? You can have it all!

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Drones and Rockets

Grades 3rd – 6th

Up, up and away!  In this new offering, students will learn about two aerospace technologies.

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Fossil Camp

Grades 5th – 7th

If your camper enjoys adventure and exploration, they will enjoy wielding a rock-hammer and searching for local fossils, crystals, and other remnants of an earlier age in Fossil Camp!

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Junior Drone Pilot Academy

Grades 1st – 2nd

Designed for younger campers with little to no experience flying drones, this program fully immerses campers into an exciting narrative and experience.

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Lego and K’Nex Theme Park

Grades Kindergarten – 2nd

Join us as we build our very own theme parks using LEGO, K’NEX and other awesome materials.

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Math Boost: Fractions, Decimals, & Percents

Grades 6th – 7th

Whether you’re getting a head start or taking advantage of summer to review, you’ll be glad you took time to sharpen your math skills!

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Minecraft and Technology Innovation

Grades 2nd – 5th

Explore Minecraft, 3D design, coding, and more!

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Native Animal Explorers

Grades 2nd – 5th

In this exciting, hands-on outdoor camp, campers will travel off-site to hike trails, wade in streams, and walk pond and lake shores to find native wildlife.

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Robot X Games Camp

Grades 3rd – 5th

Design competitive race courses to battle your fellow campers’ robots!

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Rocket and Space Science

Grades 6th – 9th

Three…two…one…blast off! Rocket and Space Science camp offers students an opportunity to explore model rocketry and learn about past and present achievements in the field of space science.

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Rollin’ & Shakin’ Math Games

Grades Kindergarten – 1st

Come play fun math games while learning new and exciting math skills!

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